1. Peter Alfano
    January 8, 2022 @ 10:14 am

    When West Side Story first opened in the 1950s, critics gave mention to the book and the music but overlooked the work of the lyricist, Stephen Sondheim. It seems this has happened again. Mention is made here of the creative forces–Spielberg, Kushner, Arthur Laurents, Justin Peck, Leonard Bernstein—but no mention of the lyricist again. Some original lyrics from the stage production, softened for the 1961 film, were restored here but there is no mention of that. Mr. Sondheim deserves credit too.


    • Jack Lyons
      April 9, 2022 @ 12:05 pm

      Peter Alfano… au contraire mon ami. In the second paragraph of my review of “WSS”, (Desert Local News Jan 8, 2022) I specifically mention “the legendary lyricist Stephen Sondheim”. If the author of that piece you reference left out the great lyricist mention in the Spielberg/Kushner brilliant revival, then you sir, were reading the wrong review. I watched it again on Showtime channel on Friday April 8th. It gets better with additional screenings


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